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Supply Chain & Logistics Strategy


Leading organizations have recognized the role supply chain management plays in enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing contribution to the bottom line when aligned with the business strategic plan.


The complexity and importance of the global supply chain continues to grow and dominate business strategy and planning – driven by the expanding global economy and innovative new technologies. To remain competitive within this rapidly changing environment, it is essential for all business partners to strategically balance the trade-offs between cost, quality, and service delivery and to continuously improve the way they manage their supply chains.


While leveraging decades of industry and market knowledge, and our professional experience, the Heartleaf team provides the value added insight and the appropriate business needs assessment and strategic planning to clients covering diverse market sectors.

Our work in the area of Supply Chain & Logistics Strategy includes:


• New business models & strategies

• Global procurement & strategic sourcing

• Distribution network design

• Facilities master planning

• Feasibility studies

• Inventory management & rationalization

• Organizational management

• Supply chain IT strategies & assessments

• Outsourcing vs Insourcing

• Sustainability planning

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