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Process & Performance Improvement


With dynamic business models, and constant change to meet customer and supplier demands, operations are challenged to become faster, leaner and flexible with emphasis on rapid innovation to address shortening product life cycles.


Heartleaf consultants work closely with clients to re-evaluate and design operations that will optimize the performance of employees, equipment, and supply chain systems, provide visibility and meaningful reporting to allow for informative business decisions impacting cost and revenue, while improving internal and external service requirements.    Safety, security, quality, waste reduction and environmental pressures grow more diverse and demanding, and an organization’s individual performance and response to these matters on their supply chain activities can lend a significant competitive advantage.


Our work in the area of Process & Performance Improvement includes:


• Value stream mapping

• Business process reengineering

• Packaging redesign & waste reduction in


• Lean manufacturing assessment

• Quality control & reporting systems

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